Cambiasso: “We need to fear no one”

After the match Esteban Cambiasso talked to Sky and was asked which teams he would prefer to meet in the draw on December 20: “I do not think we need fear no one. If I had to choose, I would choose the most comfortable away trip purely for logistical reasons, which sometimes is more important than the opponent. Chelsea because they bring us luck and reminds us of the triplete? The Champions League is in the past, now it’s a different story. Now we have to think ahead, the new team is developing. Bitterness over the tie? No, there is a satisfaction that we use many young people, we know it is not easy to play here at the San Siro in Europe. Such is football: today the performance was the most important, if the game had significance it may have finished 3-1 or 4-1.”

On the position he played: “Me in the defense against Napoli? That’s for the coach to think about, I do not think that today was a test for Napoli, more than anything, it was about letting injured and tired players get a chance to rest. I always put the team first and I never decided where I was going to play or how much I play. If he lets me play, I will do my best and if the coach chooses to use me in a postion it means that I can do it well. I have never been uncomfortable in defense: I played there as a child and I did it several times when there was a crisis under Mourinho and others. I am happy to do it and I have nothing against it.”

Commenting on Sneijders situation: “This is not the time to talk about it, now we talk about the match.”

What changes when Cassano is on the pitch? “Antonio is one of those who can create something: he makes opponents fearful and gives us confidence, especially the strikers. He makes the difference. If we fight and run more when we play with three strikers? It’s part of our job and we are happy to do it. He gives us a little extra, but he was in Bergamo and then we lost. We must not think of those we are missing: this is such a moment and on Sunday we managed to get three points. We hope to continue.”