Zanetti: “Our intention is to keep Kovacic and Icardi. Thohir will make investments. Messi..”

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After Roberto Mancini a few weeks ago, it was time for Inter’s vice president Javier Zanetti to answer the Inter supporters’ questions in a chat session through Facebook. Here are all of his answers, directly from the club’s official page:

What was your first reaction when you learned that Inter wanted to sign you?

“Great surprise, but most of all great emotion!”.

Captain, which game was the most beautiful?

“The most beautiful game was the one in Madrid, the Champions League Final”.

Hello legendary Javier, would you say that we are underdogs in the derby with Guarin and Brozovic suspended? Would you like to see Obi take their place?

“I feel sorry for both Guarin and Brozovic, but the players who substitute them will definitely be great as well. Obi? He scored in the last derby”.

Captain, which derby do you remember with the most affection?

“All derby games are special, but the one we won 4-0 with Mourinho and one we won 3-0 after a brace from Simeone are the ones I have the fondest memories from”.

My only captain, Mazzari ruined everything by not letting you play in your last game.

“Not for me because everyone came to salute me!”.

Could we see the trio Dybala-Icardi-Shaqiri next season?

“They sure are three great players!”.

How do you spend so many years in an atmosphere like that without losing your own values on and off the pitch?

“Thank you, I always look to display something positive through fundamental values”.

How is life as vice president?

“A new adventure for me, I am looking to make myself useful and most of all I always want to to do the best for Inter!”.

Javier, who do you see as the next Inter captain and great leader of the team after the farewells of you and Cambiasso?

“Andrea Ranocchia is the person who represents the captaincy of F.C. Internazionale. I am completely sure. You will see that I am not wrong”.

When will you come back to playing? We miss you!!

“The 4th of May I will play in a friendly game for the Expo!”. 

Captain, I know that football consists of cycles and that our last cycle ended in 2010, but now we are in 2015 and there is still no clue of when we are going to return to the football that matters, every year seems like the right year, but when will we actually reach our old heights?!

“I would say that our last good year was in 2011, with the Supercoppa Italiana, the Coppa Italia and the Club World Cup. The next one? I believe in Roberto Mancini so I say next year”.

Hi, do you miss your home country?

“Yes, but I have found that Italy is my home as well!”.

When will we become a competitive team again?

“Soon, have faith”.

After watching some games this season, have you never felt like putting your boots back on and giving us some help on the field?

“No, because I have respect for the players who are representing the team today”.

Captain if you could choose four ex-team mates to play a game of five-a-side, who would you pick?

“Thiago Motta, Milito, Samuel and Maxwell!”.

Today the team lacks real leadership.. and that makes it really tough being an Interista.

“We are trying to build something important, it’s not easy but to be an Interista is always an honour!”.

Why hasn’t Mancini been able to turn the team’s fortunes around yet?

“He has encountered unexpected difficulties, and we are working hard together to get through this rough patch”.

Hello Captain, how do you think the end to this season will be? Warm greetings.

“We are doing what we can to finish well, knowing that qualifying for Europe will be tough but that we have to fight until the end. Warm greetings to you as well!”.

What do you think of Podolski? And of the Inter defence?

“Podolski is a great champion, he needs some goals to get going. The defence is working to find balance”.

Do you think that Santon could be your heir?

“I am happy to see Davide back in the team, he will surely help us a lot but everyone has their own characteristics”.

Which player would you like to see at Inter?


Captain, with the signings linked to Inter, which department would you like to reinforce.. and which name do your like the most?

“We hope to finish this season as well as possible, and then we will think of the future while respecting the head coach’s ideas”.

Captain! How do you explain our current league position, given that we have a great team on paper and an excellent coach?

“There were some difficulties in the beginning of the season. I am faithful that things will become better and better”.

Have you ever thought of becoming the head coach of this fantastic team?

“The most important thing for me is to be a part of this family”.

Which of the current players do you see as future champions? We miss you a lot both on and of the field, we will never have a captain like you again! 

“Thanks a lot, there’s a lot of players who could represent this club”.

Captain, this is not a question but a request: you know what Inter is about, please explain to the players that they need to show passion in every game and that the only way to leave the field is when you have given everything, every single time.

“I could not have said it any better!”.

Hello Captain! Which team mate is your closest personal friend?


Tell me about the night in Madrid! I have goosebumps..

“An unforgettable night, I must say that the Curva Nord is unique when is comes to making coreographies”.

Great Captain, how will you watch the derby this Sunday? Forza Inter.

“I will watch it from the stands! I always want to be positive”.

What do you think of Thohir? Are his intentions really to spend his money to take us back to the top, or not?

“I see him as a man with great ideas and the will to take Inter back where they belong. He will definitely make investments”.

I am a AC Milan supporter, but I have a lot of respect for a great calcio legend like yourself! An example to everyone! It’s a shame that people like you are disappearing from this sport! Good luck for the derby, let the best team win!

“Thank you for the fair play attitude!”.

Pupi, which youngsters do you feel are ready for the first team next season?

“Camara, Gnoukouri and Dimarco!”.

Javier, will Icardi and Kovacic stay?

“Our intention is to keep them”.

One more question: How did it feel to play together with Il Fenomeno Ronaldo?

“It felt like I was playing daily against the world’s best player of the time”.

Captain, how much do you miss playing?

“I always try to be present, even if now in a different way. My shirt has become a suit, but it still a suit of Inter”.

Hello great captain, I wanted to ask why you decided to retire? You were still in great form as ever, we miss you a lot.

“It was the right moment, it’s better to retire when you still have integrity and can decide it for yourself”.

When will I be invited to your restaurant together with the whole team?

“You are welcome to my restaurant whenever you want, to go there with the whole team is a bit more difficult!”.

According to you, what can we expect from next season? My great captain!

“To return to being one of the top teams!”

Do you think it’s a shame that you didn’t beat Maldini’s record for most played games in the Serie A?

“To be in the top three is an honour for me. I have played 1116 games in professional football, and this is also an honour”.

Hello dear JZ4, can I ask you who you think will win tonight’s game between PSG and Barcelona?

“It’s a nice game, I think it will be a draw”.

How did you feel after the battle at the Camp Nou?

“I was absolutely exhausted! But very very happy!”.

Javier, the best thing you did was to not put Vieri’s name on your celebratory armband!

Vieri’s name was there!”

Javier, what do you think of Shaqiri, Icardi, Kovacic and Guarin? 

“Xherdan Shaqiri is very good, we must give him some time to adapt. Mauro Icardi’s stats speak for themselves and Kovacic has a great future ahead of him. Guarin has shown more continuity under Roberto Mancini”.

Captain, have you learned English yet?

“A little bit, or I mean ‘yes’!”. 

The best player who you have had to mark?

“I have defended against a lot of champions, but I say Giggs”.

What advice can you give to young players who want to reach your level?

“Respect the game and play with passion”.