Terzo tempo: Three points and a heartattack

Mancini training

“If we don’t suffer, it’s not Inter” Roberto Mancini said after Inter won at Cagliari 2-1 the 23rd of February this year. After another 2-1 away victory Mancini could’ve said the same words but to be honest this time he did the right thing in blasting the attachment of the players after the victory against a nine man Udinese.

Inter got off to a flying start of the second half when Kovacic won a penalty. Icardi finished it off easily and things were looking bright. Though of course Antonio Di Natale had to score his record 205th goal in the Serie A against Inter.This means “Toto” has now scored as many goals as Roberto Baggio and they are tied on 6th place of the all-time Serie A goalscorers ever. Di Natale is a player I would’ve loved to see at Inter for many years but unfortunately we’ll have to enjoy his magic watching our opponents, who knows when it’s over but Di Natale deserves all the praise in the world so hats of for a great player.

Mancini brought Podolski on and just as against Roma the German world cup winner marked his presence straight away. Last time he had a beautiful assist and this time it was a beautiful goal that Podolski scored. In my opinion Podolski has been critisized way to much and everyone around Appiano Gentile praises him for how he works and for what a guy he is. It was only a matter of time before he’d score and now that his first Serie A goal has came, I believe that the relief will make “Poldi” score more and that he will truely help Inter in the end of the season.

Scoring this goal against a nine man opposition should really mean game over and three easy points to home but as always Inter has to make things hard for themselves. The players stopped running and defending and instead they tried to play a game about who could miss the most chances/passes when we hit Udinese on the break. Numerous mistakes were made and Mancini once again waited to long to make substitutions.

Gnoukouri came on and had a wonderful sombrero against Allan and I really can’t understand why a player like Shaqiri remained on the bench in a game like this where he would’ve had oceans of space to attack on. Talking about Allan, how good is this kid!? Guy was all alone on the midfield in a nine man Udinese yet he was winning the ball from all of our midfield and kept making sure Inter wouldn’t score another goal, before starting out Udinese’s attacking move. Amazing display and I really hope Inter can sign Alan.

In the end Handanovic decided that he would be nostalgic and tried to make Udinese score from set pieces by making dives into nothing. Fortunately the “bianconeri” couldn’t punish Inter and when they were really close to do so in the end, D’Ambrosio pulled off a slide tackle that even Maldini would’ve been proud of to save Inter from letting a goal in.

Mancini rightfully blasted the players after the game for their attachment, and even if he won’t say that suffering is in Inter’s DNA, it is and this game will serve as a lesson for the lads. Unfortunately us fans can’t do much more than having our heart beating very quickly and if the players decide they’d rather want to win gamescomfortably then they have to give their all for 90 minutes and extra time.

If they want to suffer until the end and give points away each round, then fine stop playing in the 60th minute. Football doesn’t take any prisoners and today luck helped us escape another loss of points. Hopefully the last minutes of this game are enough to make the players be on their toes for the game against Chievo at home on Sunday. A game which could see Inter take three wins in a row for the second time under Mancini. An objetive, with all players coming back into action, of course is something we have to strive for.

Today we took three points and in football that’s the most important thing. In a month noone will remember that we played shit today, the only thing that is there to remember will be the three points from the game and with that said, we’d rather win and play shit than play well and lose as we’ve done during the last few months.