Pearson: “Cambiasso’s impact has been very positive”

Cambiasso Salme 02

Leicester manager Nigel Pearson offered high praise for the way Esteban Cambiasso has adapted to a relegation fight during his first year in English football in an interview after the team’s victory over Southampton.

The former Argentina international, who has previously played for Real Madrid, River Plate and Inter, has been instrumental all season but particularly during a recent run which has brought six wins from the last seven matches and put Pearson’s team three points clear of the relegation zone.

“His impact is difficult to quantify but it’s been a very positive one, there’s no doubt about that,” said Pearson following Saturday’s 2-0 victory over Southampton. If you take away the influence on other players and just look at his own performances, what he brings to the side in terms of his vision and game understanding, then I think he’s been a fantastic addition to our squad.”

“Also where he takes an awful lot of credit is for someone with the CV he has and the amount of trophies and, if you like, positive situations he’s been in, to embrace a relegation battle in the way he has done I think gives you an indication of his professional outlook on his role within the squad. I couldn’t give him any higher compliment than to recognise that. I know that if he was five years younger we wouldn’t have him, or two years younger even. But I’m very pleased he’s with us and that he’s contributed fantastically to the team’s plight and situation. He’s dug in like everyone else has dug in.”

Cambiasso is making Leicester wait over a new contract, with his current deal set to expire at the end of the season, as he waits to see how the campaign pans out. But Pearson would love to keep the 2010 Champions League winner: “Of course I want him to stay but he’s already pointed out that he wants to wait until the end of the season and that’s fine. For sure we’d like to keep him.”