Sosa: “Icardi reminds me of Bergkamp”

sosa danny

Speaking to the La Gazzetta dello Sport the former Lazio and Inter player, namely Ruben Sosa, spoke of tonight’s match. The Uruguayan commented on the situation of Inter and is cautious about the match tonight.

At Inter, Icardi has a total of 23 goals.
“I like Mauro. Quite a striker who knows how to work for the team, but for whom the team should perhaps serve with more balls. But, in my opinion, he should celebrate with more joy. Football is fun, always. He reminds me a little of Bergkamp who didn’t go crazy when he scored: why?”

Lazio flies while Inter has ups and downs: why?
“I always watch matches in Montevideo. Always. Mancini is very good and there are players who can be decisive, but the impression is that everyone seem to wait for the spark of others, or that some other teammate should decide the game. Instead we must create the spark of the group: that is what is needed. And sometimes it has happened, mind you, but don’t just wait for the savior.”

We are here: Lazio-Inter.
“I’ve just been to the field to watch the training: if they are this charged it will end 3-0.”

For Inter?
“Why not? The team must see this match as a final. If it goes well, well, then it will finish like this.”