Mancini to Rai: “I’m satisfied with our performance, we had patience”


After the final-whistle the Inter coach Roberto Mancini spoke to La Domenica Sportiva about his mens performance, and started with the penalty-kick that Mauro Icardi missed:

“Unfortunately you can miss penalties in football. There were the actions before and after that shouldn’t been missed, however we kept playing and we had patience. The team has improved, we had gaps and we have to continue to improve but the mentality is right. I don’t know if we qualify for Europa or not but that doesn’t change our future.”

“Lazio is a great team and they defended really well even with nine men. It’s not easy to find the right spaces in the last 30-40 metres, ‘Lazio parked the buss’ and it was difficult for everyone, then it wasn’t easy to vertical, we had Hernanes behind Icardi and in this cases you need to have a striker that takes responsibility to run over vs one, that Podolski, Kovacic and Palacio did. I substituted D’Ambrosio because he was tired, and we needed more pace therefore Nagatomo, who could keep an eye on Anderson and go forward if needed”.

Already from the first minute nevertheless with the non advantage, Inter showed personality.

“I’m very glad the way we played 11 vs 11, we played with character, we remained high up on the pitch. I satisfied what we accomplished. I believe that Serie A is the best league in the world regarding tactics, and to see that great players can be strong tactically”.

And ending the interview about the transfer window and Juventus away game:

“Dybala and Touré are players that belongs to other clubs, there is no news. Barnabeu will not be easy for Juve, they have an advantage and have to exploit it”.