Kovacic: “I am ‘meaner’ now, I don’t want to sit on the bench anymore”


Mateo Kovacic spoke to Inter Channel after the loss to Juventus:

“I think so too that the season is like this; we play well then end up conceiving goals like kids. Today we needed to win and instead we conceded two ridiculous goals. I was the ‘meanest’ on the pitch? Sitting on the bench is no good and I am not happy, so I wanted to show the coach that I wanted to play and lately I do. The best role for me? I am here to play in midfield, but if I play further up it is no problem. The coach decides and he is to be respected, but my preferred role is internal midfield in a midfield of two or three.”

Kovacic then talks about the coming season:

“When we restart with Mancini with calm for the next season we will surely perform better than now seeing as how the coach switch meant we had to work in a hurry. Juventus? They have been winning the last four years, they are used to it. We are missing that meanness and we need to get better. But surely this is the last year they win,” he says with a smile.

Kovacic continues:

“I am young, I need more experience but I need to and I want to improve. We are also working on the defensive parts, but we all want to do better, not just me. If we miss Europe it won’t be due to this game seeing as how we have  screwed up several, especially with the bottom teams. By now it is two or three years that go like this, all we can do is work and improve.”

But will he stay at Inter?

“I am happy here and so is my family. Of course I want to play more, this is normal for a player. But I will say that not playing has made me grow, not just as a player but also as a man. I renewed my contract a short while ago, then it is up to the club. I hope to stay here.”

Source: Inter Channel