FCIN interviews Falque’s agent

iago falque

Genoa attacker Iago Falque has been one of the surprises this Serie A season. The Spanish winger has scored 15 goals and assisted 3 so far this campaign.  The former Tottenham player has caught the eye of Roberto Mancini.  Today, FcInternews.it interviewed Falque’s agent Oscar Font Calmet:

What is the player’s will?  Does he want to stay at Genoa or have a new experience?

“He is doing very well at Genoa, and he still has 3 years left on this contract.  He is happy here, and if offers were to come in, we would asses them with the club.  He will be happy if he stays.”

How will Genoa’s exclusion from the Europa League impact the player’s future?

“It will, definitely. Iago will not change if Genoa get the UEFA license. The Europa League would definitely be a competition that he would be proud to play in.  Some players do not have the ability to play in such competitions, but for Iago, this would not be a problem.”

After such a stellar season, do you expect to receive offers?
“The lad is very quiet, and I think by the end of the summer he will be wearing a Genoa shirt.  I have to say that if a club is interested, they must contact the Genoa leadership, then us.

What is Genoa’s evaluation of Iago?
“I do not know.  The price will be decided by the club.”

There has been a lot of talk about Inter’s interest in recent days.  Have they ever contacted you? 
“No, at the moment there have been no talks.  I repeat, Iago has a contract here, and if anyone wants to sign him, they must speak with the Grifone first.  There player is very humble and is happy with this journey.  He has a great relationship with the coach, the teammates, the club, and the fans.”

Would Inter be a good destination?

“Inter would definitely be a great destination.  We are talking about Inter, a great club that has a great history.  They are a club on the international stage.  Iago is very happy to be back in Italy.”

Would going to Inter inspire the boy to get revenge against Juventus?
“The experience at Juventus was important, even tough is was not completely positive.  He as learned a lot about Italian football since then.”

Source: FcInternews.it