Mancini: “We committed some absurd mistakes”

Mancini Salme

A visibly disappointed Roberto Mancini stopped to speak to Sky Sport as well after the loss to Genoa.

“We tried until the end to arrive in Europe, but if we even though we do well in attack commit crazy errors it is very difficult to win. If I have to lose, I want to do it like this. The last two games are the picture of our season, we had three great chances to score before Kucka’s goal but at the end it went like that. We can’t just blame the defense, we need to work on the mental bits and the defense. I’m an optimist even though the results do not go our way and they penalize us. We are sorry for the fans and for the president that we did not manage to get to the European cups, we will try to remedy the mistakes for next season.”

Mancini was then asked about transfers.

“The boys have all worked very well, changing the way they think. In many decisive games we have committed too many errors. I am sorry for them that we could not bring anything home for all oour work.”

When asked about the mistakes that led to Genoa scoring Mancini does not point fingers.

“On the second Genoa goal I do not point fingers, it is not necessary. We are demoralized and that’s it. If you ask me, Inter has improved a lot. But in Italy if you donät get the results you are in the wrong. With quality players everyone can and will improve. This is what we want to do, to bring players to Milano that can help the youngest to grow. I am happy because they have all improved, in spite of the errors. They can give much more. Hernanes did well, Kovacic is improving before our eyes. We should not commit absurd errors, these ae errors that are not OK in a team like Inter.”

Source: Sky Sport